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Patrick Davies

Growing up in Thailand Patrick devoted much of his youth to the creation and appreciation of music. He studied composition and production in Boston before working in music copyright and publishing at Thailand’s CISAC member composer society. Patrick joined Musicstyling in 2017 as a regional music consultant for Southeast Asia based in Bangkok. He also performs regularly within Bangkok’s music scene and produces music.

Patrick Davies, Regional Music Consultant at Musicstyling

What he finds most rewarding about curating music is being the bridge between clients and music they otherwise would not have encountered. He strives to source the right music for individual spaces and the constant pursuit of new and exciting music is what make the creative aspect of the job so fulfilling.

Patrick remains a point of contact for the diverse and ever-growing customer base in Southeast Asia. Paying attention to the local nuances of music in each country is key and Patrick especially enjoys curating bespoke and localised playlists for regional brands such as Dusit and Anantara.