Discover Music - Encourage your guests to interact with your branded music playlists
Discover Music. Providing your guests with the capability to select the music they want to hear, whether they are listening in the bar, café, spa or any other public area within your hotel or venue.
Guest interaction with your music

Discover Music

Open up your brand’s curated music playlists to your guests with Discover Music.
Encourage guests to interact and influence the tracks played from your pre-approved playlist, allowing them to select and play their favourite tracks. Increase brand exposure as they share their experiences socially, gain detailed insight about their music tastes and give them the opportunity to discover new artists and tracks from your on-brand playlist.
Completely Customisable

White Labelled for your Brand

Discover Music can be fully personalised to suit your clientele and styled to your brand’s distinctive look and feel. Change the colours, logo, buttons, images, even the text and fonts. It can be white labelled to match your brand’s needs, or even offered as an API or website to build into your existing app.
Discover Music Branded for Marriott
Discover Music Branded for Mandarin Oriental
GPS fence your playlist to make it accessible only on-site and configure the amount of tracks visible for guests to select from within the current playlist.
Discover Music is completely customisable to work in total synchronisation with your brand.
The current playlist

Discover What’s Playing

View details of the track that is currently playing in each zone of your property.

See what’s scheduled next

View details of the current playlist, what tracks have previously played or are scheduled to play next.

Discover Music - See what’s playling
Interactive Music Ratings & Reporting Feedback
Customer Feedback

Rate the Music

Encourage your guests to rate tracks from your branded playlist to determine their musical preferences. Track ratings of 1-5 stars can be applied and this data is captured and logged.
Analyse your Audience


We can use the track rating and selection information to precisely tailor your music profile to reflect the tastes of your clientele and can also share information with you to keep you regularly updated on emerging audience patterns and trends.
Listen to the tracks

Preview The Music

Guests can also preview tracks on their own device before making their selection.

Social Interaction

Using the inbuilt social features, your guests are encouraged to share their activities, tagging your brand, promoting brand-awareness and increasing online presence.

Discover Music - Benefit from brand exposure on social media
Discover Music - Allow your guests to select the music from your playlist
Track Selection

Select Tracks To Play

Tracks can be chosen from your pre-approved playlist. Once a track has been selected Discover will tell the user the estimated time of playback, encouraging dwell time and engagement.
Discover what’s popular


Every single track selected will be recorded and logged and this data can be shared with you. We can also utilise this information when discussing the evolution of your music profile to offer you similar tracks to the ones most frequently selected by your customers.
Get Discover Music

Get Discover Music

The Discover Music app can be downloaded directly from Google Play or the iOS App Store.
* Functions subject to regional variation. Please enquire directly to learn about local functionality.
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