Dashboard - Complete visibility and control of your players

Dashboard. Complete transparency and access to your music players that puts you in control. Monitor the status of your players, control and interact with them remotely.

Player Monitoring & Control

Download Player Dashboard

Dashboard is a secure website providing you with full visibility and control over all of your music players.
You can login and view the real-time status of your players from any location in the world. From viewing internet connectivity to interacting and loading playlists remotely into your venues - with Dashboard you can control it all. You can even upload digital signage content to your screens and see exactly what's currently playing in all areas of your property.
Monitor the status of your players

Cloud Connectivity

Keeping your players online and connected to the internet is key to making the most of their features. Dashboard lets you know at a glance whether your players are connected and highlights any that need attention.
Dashboard - Monitor the connectivity of your player estate.
Dashboard - Monitor the connectivity of your player estate.
Your players will automatically receive and download new content - songs, videos, playlists or digital signage - keeping them online ensures that they are always up-to-date. It also allows you to connect to them and control them, such as loading a playlist from Dashboard or allowing your guests to use features such as Discover Music.
Allow Access For Key Staff

Multi-level User Access

You can have as many user accounts as required for Dashboard to allow key staff access to monitor and control your players.

Accounts can be set up with varying permissions and degrees of visibility - so if you want to allow the Bar Manager access to only the Bar player but the General Manager needs to have eyes on all of your players we can tailor the level of access precisely to your requirements. We can even set up brand level accounts that allow head office staff to see what's happening on your players across your entire global estate.

Complete Visibility over your Players

Player Status Monitoring

You can view the live status of all the players across your entire estate. This visibility puts you in control and helps you identify any issues that may need attention.

If your local internet connection is down for any reason you'll be alerted to this via Dashboard so players can be re-connected when possible to ensure your music and playlist adjustments continue to be delivered swiftly and on time.

Fresh Music Content

Preview Your New Music

View the latest songs that have been profiled in each of your music zones and listen to a preview of them to get a taste of what has recently been added to your signature sound.

Play an Alternative Playlist or Special Event

Load Playlists On-Demand

Each and every music zone we profile is programmed to play your hand-picked playlist at the correct time of day. In the event that you wish to override this playlist, perhaps when hosting a birthday party or special event, this can be actioned via Dashboard.

So even if you have left the property or are working from head office you are always in control.

Dashboard - Load an on-demand Playlist Remotely
Dashboard - Visibility of What’s Playing
Know Your Music

View What’s Playing

Dashboard displays what is currently playing in each of your music zones. So if you get a query from a guest asking what a particular track is you can find out and share that information.

If you don't catch the desired track before it ends you can view the immediate history which displays the previous few tracks that have played. You can also see which playlist the track is playing from so you have full visibility of what is happening in each of your music zones simultaneously.

On-Screen Content and Messages

Control Digital Signage

On-screen media and digital signage content can be designed, created, scheduled and delivered by us to ensure that your brand messages are communicated to your audience in maximum style with minimal effort.

Dashboard also allows you to access these features if preferred. You can upload and schedule your own visual content on Dashboard which will appear on your screens for total flexibility and control.

Digital Signage - Upload and control your on-screen content



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