Download Player Remote - Control your players remotely from the palm of your hand

Download Player Remote. Control the music and messaging, in all areas of your property, from the palm of your hand.

Centrally Control your music

Download Player Remote

Remotely connect to your music and digital signage players to control them from your smart phone or tablet with Download Player Remote.
View and control the music and playlists in all zones within your property from a single device. Whether you have a single player located in a back office or a number of individual players dispersed across various zones within your property you can now bring them all together to view and control them centrally with our remote control app.
Download Player Remote - Control your players remotely from the palm of your hand
Remote Control

Centrally controlled music playlists

The Download Player Remote is an app that can be used to access and control all of your music players by connecting to them over your Local Area Network (LAN).
Download Player Remote - Get control of your music
Download Player Remote Illustration
View tracks available within your profile, select playlists, messages, videos and tracks to play on-demand, control the volume, skip tracks, disable tracks or flag favourites.
Remote Control

Connect to your players

Your players are detected automatically and once your device has been paired with your music zones you can access them instantly. The app provides easy access to hard to reach players and a user interface to any players that do not currently have one.

Connections are made over your LAN so devices require visibility over the network to communicate.

Multiple Users

Multiple devices can connect to each of your players simultaneously, to monitor and control each player, so it’s not a problem if a number of staff require access.

Download Player Remote - Connect to a player
Download Player Remote - See What’s Playling
Visibility & Monitoring

View what’s playing

The entire current playlist is visible and you can see what’s playing now, up next or previously played in each music zone.

Select a track to play

You can select any track from the playlist and either play it immediately or queue it up to play as the current track ends.
On-Demand Playlists

Load a Playlist

Each area in your property will have a unique playlist that’s been specifically and meticulously curated by our music experts to reflect your unique space and the changing environment within it throughout the day.

If you wish to temporarily override your profiled playlist, there is also an option to manually load an on-demand playlist - such as for a special event or seasonal event - which you can select as an alternative playlist to play out in your music zone.

Download Player Remote - Load a Playlist
Download Player Remote - Control the Volume
On the Fly Adjustments

Volume Control

Whatever the unique needs of your space, whether it’s a bar, restaurant, lobby, gym or any other, it can get louder at certain times of the day when footfall increases.

During these busier periods, you may need to adjust the volume of the music playing in your space to compensate for the increase in noise generated by your guests.

You can change the volume of the music from Download Player Remote, as and when required, allowing you to increase or decrease the music levels to keep it perfectly aligned with the fluctuations in ambient noise within your space.

On-Demand Messaging

Play Messages

Whether you want to inform your guests of a special promotion, safety warnings or wish them happy birthday, you can select an audio message to playout on-demand, during your playlist. These messages can be brand messages recorded and distributed to all players and properties around the world, or a space-specific message related to just one music zone or site.

We have our own recording studio and are highly experienced in creating a wide range of content from audio messages and digital signage to broadcast-quality video content - contact us if you'd like more information.

Download Player Remote - Play On-Demand Messages
Download Player Remote - Skip, Pause, Favourite & Disable Tracks
Override Your Profile

Skip, Pause & Disable Tracks

In case you wish to pause the music or skip over a track for any reason we have added these features too. You can even disable a track to prevent it from playing in a specific music zone permanently.

Information on skipped and disabled tracks is automatically fed back to our music team so we can take your preferences into account when reviewing your music profile and during consultation regarding future updates to your playlists.

Get Download Player Remote

Available on Android & iOS

The Download Player Remote app can be downloaded directly from Google Play or the iOS App Store.
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