Immersive - The Ultimate Spa Experience
Immersive. A complete sensual mind, body and soul experience that takes guests ‘inside’ the music, enveloping them entirely, creating a sensation of floating in a warm, tranquil sea of sound.
The Ultimate Spa Experience


Immersive is a sensory music experience designed by Gus Till for luxury hotels and spas. Gus is a platinum selling musician, composer and DJ from Melbourne, Australia who has worked with artists including Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jamiroquai during a distinguished career as a music producer.

Currently residing in Bali, Gus composes meticulously crafted ambient music, creating lush soundscapes specifically designed to enhance luxury spa environments.

Immersive - Create the perfect ambience for your Spa
A 5-Star Environment

Ambience Personified

For a spa treatment to be truly 5-star the ambience should meet the same exacting standards.

The quality of the spa treatments and professional, attentive staff. An environment that is aesthetically pleasing with subtle lighting and soothing aromas. In order to create the ultimate spa experience there is an additional, frequently overlooked and vital element - profound sound.

A 5-Star Environment
Immerse Your Guests

Surround Sound with Sonic Healing

Immersive combines originally composed ambient music, using the principles of sonic healing and psychoacoustics, with a new type of surround sound technology.

The result is a complete sensual mind, body and soul experience taking guests ‘inside’ the music, enveloping them entirely, making them feel like they’re floating in a warm, tranquil sea of sound.

Profound Sensory Experience

Immerse Your Senses

Immersive takes spa treatments to a new level of sensory experience. The specifically designed profound sound is optimised with 4DI Soundtech and paired with a highly intuitive and customisable iOS interface.

Immersive and the AV platform also support interfacing with ambient effect controls, including lighting and scent systems to provide a fully immersive sensory experience.

The Immersive Toolkit


  • Apple iPad
  • ESI Gigaport HD+ USB Audio Interface
  • Audica Professional MICROsub Active Subwoofer
  • Audica Professional MICROplus 4-Channel Power Amplifier
  • Audica MICROpoint Satellite Loudspeakers
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