Staff StoriesDirector of Music Programming

Alix Rumsey

Alix started working with Musicstyling in 2003 when the company was just starting out in the UK. After briefly departing to embrace new challenges she rejoined the company in 2015 as Director of Programming in Los Angeles.

If you can think of a job within the music industry Alix has probably done it - from performance, A&R, engineering and artist management. All these experiences have fed into her career, whether identifying the core attributes of a brand, sourcing the perfect music for them or cultivating strong business relationships.

She has lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, immersing herself in all the city has to offer - the different cultures, languages and most importantly - the vibrant and eclectic music scene.

Alix Rumsey, Director of Music Programming at Musicstyling

Music is more than a job to Alix - it's a passion. Working with clients to help them realise their vision through music in their property is both incredibly exciting and rewarding. She loves discovering new music, new genres and innovative ways of presenting these styles and options to our clients.

Her role has brought opportunities to work on some amazing projects working with LA's hippest hotels to soundtracking catwalk fashion shows and Grammy parties. Above all, immersing herself in a new and original brand, be it large or small, and creating an original music concept is what continues to motivate her.