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John Rhodes

Growing up with a father who was the proud owner of a vast music library it was perhaps inevitable that music would become a lifelong devotion for John. From a very early age he developed a love for a wide range of music styles, joining the musical dots from to jazz to classical and everything in between.

John Rhodes, Regional Music Consultant at Musicstyling

He has worked within the background music industry since 2003 and helped to launch one of Asia's early hotel background music companies. John has lived in Asia for over 20 years and has developed a unique feel for the various traditional and contemporary music styles throughout the region. He started working with Musicstyling in 2012 and is currently a regional consultant based in Thailand, working with numerous hotel brands throughout Southeast Asia.

One of the most rewarding and interesting projects he has worked on was the terminal signature sounds for Mumbai Airport. The unique design of the terminal and the collaborative efforts of the talented team of people working on the venture made it a stand out moment in a distinguished career within the industry.