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Gregory Tait

Gregory Tait is the Co-Founder of Musicstyling. He has worked with the company in a global capacity since 2003 with a particular focus on North and South America from 2008 onwards.

He began his career as a musician and DJ, naturally gravitating towards the business in the early years of Musicstyling as the timing was just right for custom curation in hotels - he and other like-minded members of the original team connected with clients that required innovative music solutions within their properties. He has travelled much of the globe in the 15 years he has worked for the company, visiting over 70 countries worldwide.

Gregory Tait, Co-Founder of Musicstyling

His previous experience as a jazz bassist and DJ has reinforced his deep passion for music in his current role. This has proved invaluable when translating a brand vision into a coherent music strategy for clients.

Some of his most rewarding and exciting previous projects have been working on the brand sound for W Hotels, in beautiful locations like the Four Seasons Maui, Lana'i and the Park Hyatt New York - and helping to build the company from the ground up to its current position as one of the major players in global music curation.