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Jamilla Oram

Jamilla has played a key role in the Musicstyling creative team since 2010 and is currently the Lead Music Curator. She is based in London.

Being deeply passionate about music is a prerequisite to pursue a career in music curation but Jamilla also understands that music can profoundly affect our emotional experience and drastically change the mood, energy and ambience of an environment. Her core aim is to use her creative skills, knowledge and love of music to facilitate positive experiences in any setting.

Jamilla Oram, Lead Music Curator at Musicstyling

Music has always been a central part of Jamilla’s life and much of her passion for music was fostered by her parents, who were both music industry professionals. Being immersed in and exposed to various aspects and forms of music from a young age has been vital to the development of her knowledge and expertise.

Over the past 8 years Jamilla has developed, curated and delivered music collections for hospitality, leisure and retail brands globally including Renaissance, Marriott, Yotel and Sofitel.