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Music Enhances Space

Music plays a vital role in creating that extra dimension within a space, enhancing the sense of location and mood. It can elevate and uplift, lend an aspirational quality and a sense of having arrived somewhere unique and memorable. The Musicstyling creative team is entirely dedicated to understanding and interpreting your brand using a broad wealth of musical knowledge and expert ability to curate that experience.

Our global team of consultants and curators are experts who are immersed in music culture, with diverse backgrounds in wider industries including music production, broadcasting, independent record labels, A&R departments and international professional DJ circuits. We are adept at exploring regional music scenes, reflecting local cultures and musical heritage to meet exacting briefs from destinations around the world.

At the research stage we look to spend as much time as possible in your property, experiencing the space in order to decipher how music may compliment other key components such as décor, layout and the distinct elements of your service.

Ongoing support and close consultation

We continue to deliver

In pre-opening situations or where Covid safety restrictions are in place and a visit is not viable we can arrange a full video consultation in order to ascertain optimal solutions with your opening team and will examine any available initial renders and plans to assess approach.

Adapting to the new normal, consultants arrange virtual walk-throughs with hotel contacts. Musicstyling recognize the importance of working alongside key stakeholders in your business to make creative decisions based on brand positioning, hospitality concepts and careful consideration of guest demographics.

We are diligent and thorough in our approach to curation. Each of our regional consultants is equipped with the tools and experience to best advise on how to elevate the guest experience through music design.

We thrive on helping bring your vision to life by setting the right tone, pace and ambience within a physical space and by effectively helping to communicate your brand identity. We see this as a crucial part of the branding strategy which ultimately serves to encourage a greater spend and contribute to your brand positioning and growth. Our shared passion for creating unique, original concepts allows us to create bespoke playlists and signature sounds with meticulous attention to detail.

Each of our handpicked playlists and collections are designed using high quality, credible music selections from our ever expanding and exclusive Musicstyling library. Our collaborative relationships with international music labels, publishers, key taste makers and licensing bodies enable us to deliver premium content and ensure we remain ahead of the curve in changing music trends and tastes worldwide.

Once your initial collections have been developed our creative team will continue to evolve them in close consultation with your senior team, making nuanced adjustments to reflect any changes to concepts swiftly and fully aligned to your brand requirements. Our dedicated regional consultants will continue to liaise closely at a local level, making regular visits to your business to help refine the concepts and ensure successful account management.

Musicstyling pride ourselves on offering a premium service whose ongoing success is defined by the continued evolution and growth of the brands we work with.

Music Process

From the moment we connect with your brand we will develop a timeline that outlines the consultation process from inception through delivery and into the evolution phase of your bespoke music concepts.

Ensuring that we deliver outstanding music on time and in alignment with your brand requirements is an essential aspect of our approach. We guarantee exceptional quality and clarity at every step of our partnership.

Music Consultanct

1. Research

We thoroughly investigate what makes your brand unique in order to effectively identify and enhance core principles and objectives.

2. Engage

Detailed discussion to determine which of our range of services and player options will be tailored to reflect your exact requirements.

Engaging Music Consultancy | Musicstyling
Music Exploration | Musicstyling

3. Explore

Your dedicated regional consultant will conduct a detailed review of the property, assessing its needs and ambitions in close collaboration with your senior team.

4. Develop

Initial creation of your unique music concepts, identifying content that aligns with your brand, expertly chosen to specifically resonate and enhance each outlet or zone.

Develop Music | Musicstyling
Review Music | Musicstyling

5. Review

Music samples will be shared with corresponding rationale for your senior team to review and provide feedback ahead of developing full playlists.

6. Curate

Concept brief agreed and bespoke music procurement begins with every individual track reviewed and hand-picked by our creative team of music experts.

Curate Music | Musicstyling
Download Player | Musicstyling

7. Deliver

Detailed and expansive music playlists are delivered to your player of choice via our market leading technology, providing seamless integration with your AV and IT

8. Refine

Assessed in situ following delivery your dedicated consultant will review concepts directly with your senior team, making any nuanced adjustments in conjunction with our curation experts as

Refine Music | Musicstyling
Evolve Music | Musicstyling

9. Evolve

Continued exploration and acquisition of new music from across our expansive libraries and global network of creators, DJs and artists. Regular music updates ensure a dynamic sound that continues to evolve with your brand.

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